Epic Games First Mystery Game Officially Revealed

Clue: It's a tower defense game.

The Epic Games first mystery game has been revealed and starts the series of giveaways.

The first free game giveaway by Epic Games Store has been revealed and it is Bloons TD 6. According to the description, it is a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available.”

This has now begun the series of giveaways of freebie games just like last year. The next free game will be revealed tomorrow, and of writing, it will be revealed in 21 hours. Players will need to hurry though as the giveaway games will only be free for 24 hours only. After that, it will be back to being purchasable on the Epic Games Store.

According to Epic Games, the number of free games to be given away will be 15 titles. No one knows which titles will be shared by the popular store but it could all be random this year. The first game is a completely unknown title so the next one could be a triple A game. Who knows.