Epic Games Store Free Game for December 20 Revealed

It's a repeat freebie in this platform.

The Epic Games Store free game for today, December 20, 2023 has been revealed and it is a repeat offender.

While the recent freebie games from the Epic Games Store promo were not that spectacular, the latest one is a great title in its right. Unfortunately, this game has been given away by this platform a few times already that subscribers have already lost count of its repetition. The latest title to be given away is Wolfenstein The New Order.

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Wolfenstein The New Order was released in May 2014 and garnered a great response compared to its predecessors. More sequels came from this game which also got great feedback from reviewers and critics. While it has been given away by Epic Games Store for the third time now, there is actually a reason for that. In 2022, it was considered one of the best free Epic Games Store games offered. If this is going to be offered again next year, it is due to its popularity and this.

The next free game has not been announced yet.

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