Epic Games Store Free Games for December 8 Revealed

Saints Row IV and a bullet hell game!

The Epic Games Store free games for next week are finally revealed with the launch of the giveaway titles today.

Epic Games recently released two free games today, which are Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box. The first game is a strategy game with similar mechanics to XCOM while the second title offers players a chance to make their own game. With that, two more games will be available next week that will be free to download.

The two games that will be given away next week on December 8, 2022 are Saints Row 4 RE-Elected and Wildcat Gun Machine. Both of these games will be available until December 15, 2022. Saints Row 4 is a great game to play which can introduce players to the crazy world of Saints Row before tackling on the rebooted version. Wildcat Gun Machine is a smaller game, which is a bullet hell dungeon crawler complete with various guns, robots, cats, puzzles, and more. Great for a party game with friends.

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It is speculated that on December 15 and beyond, the free games will change and will be part of the Epic Games Store Mystery Game Promotion. Just like last year, it will feature a new game every single day and will last until January 10, 2022.