Evil West Gone Gold Confirmed

Vampires beware! Evil West is launching soon!

Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog have now confirmed Evil West gone gold today.

After a short delay, Flying Wild Hog and Focus Entertainment have finally confirmed that Evil West has now gone gold. So what does it mean to be “gone gold”? It just means the game is fully functional and is ready for distribution with its physical copies for manufacturing. Fans who were worried about another delay will be able to rest easy now with this good news.

Last August 16, 2022, the developers posted on social media that Evil West was going to be delayed for a couple of months. This worried fans since the usual trend these days in the gaming industry are delays and it would mean there is a big chance it would be delayed even further to next year, just like many other games lately.

Since it has now gone gold, there is almost no chance that it will get delayed again. This is a confirmation that the new release date for the game will now be final. No more need to wait for more time because fans will be able to play it soon.

Congratulations Flying Wild Hog!

Evil West launches on November 22, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.