Evil West Trophy Guide & How to get Platinum

Here are the trophies you need to get in order to earn the platinum in Evil West

This is our Evil West trophy guide. Evil West is an upcoming third-person shooter developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Focus Entertainment. The developer is known for many successful over-the-top action games which give us confidence that this title will at least live up to that standard.

As for the game itself, players get to play as Jesse Rentier, an agent protecting the Wild West against the Evils that hide in the dark places of the world. The game features cooperative play as the second player plays as grizzled veteran Edgar Gravenor.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what trophies to look out for as you traverse through the Cursed West in search of a platinum trophy.

Note: Evil West is set to release on November 22, 2022. Only the trophy list has been made known to us now.

Update: Evil West is out now.

Evil West Trophy Guide


  • Sanguis Aeternus: All trophies unlocked. The Weird West is a better place now.


  • Ancient Blood: Defeat Felicity D’Abano
  • Expert: Beat the game on Hard difficulty
  • Weird West Superhero: Beat the game on Evil difficulty
  • Father’s Day: Defeat William Rentier in less than 6 minutes
  • Best the Beast: Defeat Felicity D’Abano Beast without using the HP dispenser


  • Adapt or Die: Defeat the Bruch
  • Ticks & Leeches: Beat the Parasiter
  • Drop of Blood: Defeat William Rentier
  • Adept: Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher
  • Boys’n’Toys: Have all Weapon Upgrades activated at the same time
  • Field Agent: Find all hidden perks
  • Weren’t You Listening?: Defeat the Bruch on Evil difficulty
  • Minor Deity: Defeat the Parasiter on Evil difficulty
  • Then You Died: Defeat William Rentier on Evil difficulty
  • Bleed You Out: Defeat the Brunch without letting it heal
  • Bio Friendly: Defeat the Parasiter without killing any of the minions


  • Novice: Beat the game on Novice difficulty or higher
  • Calico: Visit Calico for the first time
  • Spark of Hope: Activate the Supercharged Mode for the first time
  • Pew Pew Pew: Kill at least 30 enemies with each electrically-augmented firearm
  • Chest Nuts: Pick up all cash on all missions
  • Monsterball: Cannonball enemies 50 times
  • Slam Champion: Slam enemies 100 times
  • Pointless Violence: Perform 15 finishers
  • In the Feels: Hit 45 weakspots
  • E-Rodeo: Kill 20 enemies using the E-combo
  • Mighty Mitten: Kill enemies in a row using only Gauntlet after the Revolver
  • Chewing Volts: Use 15 Energy charges
  • Sever Forever: Tear off 100 limbs from enemies

There are 30 trophies in total:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 5 Gold Trophies
  • 11 Silver Trophies
  • 13 Bronze

Hidden Trophies:

  • Calico
  • Adapt or Die
  • Ticks & Leeches
  • Drop of Blood
  • Ancient Blood
  • Spark of Hope
  • Weren’t you Listening?
  • Minor Deity
  • Then You Died
  • Bleed You Out
  • Bio Friendly
  • Father’s Day
  • Best the Beast

The most glaring part of this trophy run is the fact that many of these trophies are tied to boss battles and the difficulty they are fought on. This is good for players who clear challenges without breaking a sweat. But other players will have to step it up if they want to get closer to that platinum trophy.

Other than that, most of the trophies are the ones that you obtain with repeated use of your arsenal. My advice is to get those out of the way before choosing favorites. And with all the enemies that flood the screen in this action, getting Slam Champion shouldn’t be too hard.

The only trophies that’ll extend your playtime will be the collectibles and upgrades. Thankfully, there’s only the Field Agent trophy for that. The Boys’n’Toys trophy appears to be something you get naturally as you go out and earn money. Which conveniently ties in with the Chest Nuts trophy.

Evil West Cover image

And that’s it for all the trophies you need to get in order to earn the platinum in Evil Dead. Not too much of a task but the difficulty-related ones might tempt others to reconsider going all-in. But this is the Wild West we’re talking about. Isn’t much fun without any risk.

Check out this ‘Wecome to Evil West’ trailer from Focus Entertainment featuring Machete himself, Danny Trejo.

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