Eye Can Fly, a ground-breaking gaze-controlled PC game from Sun And Moon Studios

Eye Can Fly

Eye Can Fly is a new 3D sky-borne adventure game from Sun and Moon Studios made especially for children with disabilities and is the world’s first 3d video game designed for use with an Eye Gaze tracker.  Eye Can Fly removes barriers to gaming and unlocks the ability for children with disabilities to play a mainstream style video game.

Sean Carroll, an assistive technology consultant involved in the game’s testing said:

“This is a chap who has sat in his chair since he was 19 with very little to occupy himself with. This game has changed not only his life in some small way but also his parents’ lives because they are seeing him play an activity that looks like a similar game that their grandkids play on the Wii. I personally find this title to be one of the most exciting to come out in years.”

Players control various flying machines, Aimee the cat and even a giant flying chicken to explore exciting locations whilst learning geography and control skills. The game has a variety of educational missions, levels and fun mini games and a range of options to allow gameplay to be individually tailored. Eye Can Fly is also controllable with any mouse pointer device, the keyboard, switches and game joypads.

Creative England’s Gameslab gave match funding support for the project and gamers Charity, SpecialEffect offered guidance to Sun and Moon Studios. Dylan Shipley, Creative Director of the project said:

“I found out about Eyegaze technology when I saw it in use by SpecialEffect at the Develop conference. It was great to find out about what the people at SpecialEffect do and I was amazed by the technology. SpecialEffect gave their support and expertise to make the game as ‘gaze control friendly’ as possible throughout the development of Eye Can Fly and offered us help in testing too, which was invaluable!”

Eye Can Fly is available to purchase from Inclusive Technology. See the game trailer here.

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