Far Cry 6 Protagonist’s Outfit Determine How Players Perform in Combat

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Far Cry 6 players might want to take note of how Dani Rojas would look like after a fight because that will determine how well they fight.

According to the latest Play Magazine (August 2021 Issue), Dani’s outfits affect how players perform in combat. The clothes that they find when rummaging through luggage or drops from enemy corpses will offer some perks that could help them fight enemies better.

These clothes that they will find will have perks like improved knife throws, higher stealth abilities, better defense against melee attacks, and many more. It will have stat bonuses that will help Dani go through any mission easier than wearing the default outfit.

It might not look fashionable, but at least the perks will help a lot to survive battles ahead. It will make you look ridiculous though with different gloves, goggles, vests, shorts, and more.

The Supremo backpacks help a lot too, which offer a lot of awesome abilities for Dani. They can become grenade launchers, flamethrowers, jetpack, and many more.

Either become sensitive to how you look or prioritize clothes that have better perks. Your choice.

Far Cry 6 launches on October 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.