Fate/Extella Link DLC Lineup No. 2 Resort Set Gets New Trailer

fate/extella link suit

Game developer Marvelous recently released a new trailer for the video game Fate/Extella Link. It introduces the Resort Set costumes.

Fate/Extella Link DLC Lineup No. 2 details

The new DLC Lineup No. 2: Resort Set will contain several costumes for certain characters. The Japanese release date of this DLC is on June 14. The price tag is 2,080 yen.

  • Altera Costume: “Wild Swim” (400 yen) – includes illustration change
  • Astolfo Costume: “Sparkly and Frilly” (400 yen) – includes illustration change
  • Scathach Costume: “Beach Crisis” (400 yen) – includes illustration change
  • Arjuna Costume: “Shiva’s Bathing Outfit” (300 yen) – does not include illustration change
  • Gawein Costume: “Sun Set Sun” (300 yen) – does not include illustration change
  • Artoria Pendragon Costume: “Summer Uniform” (400 yen) – includes illustration change
  • Medusa Costume: “Masked Gorgon” (400 yen) – includes illustration change

The game is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. It will launcher later this coming fall in North America and Europe.

Check out the trailer here:

Official website here.

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