Fate/ Samurai Remnant Trailer Revealed

A New Fate is in the Works by Type - Moon and Koei Tecmo

fate-samurai-remnant-announcement- feature

As the New Year begins, new game trailers are set to be announced for 2023. Recently, Type-Moon has revealed their Fate game for the next gen-consoles and fans are going crazy about the fact that this new game will be something worth looking forward to. In this article, players will get to know what this new game is and more, so read on.

Fate/ Samurai Remnant - Gameplay - Announcment

The new game that players will be expecting for the new year is called Fate/ Samurai Remnant. This game is a collaboration of Type-Moon and Koei Tecmo and the genre of it is Action RPG. In the trailer, it has shown a certain sneak peek of what is to come for this game including the arrival of one of Fate’s favorite samurai-theme characters, Musashi Miyamoto.

Fate/ Samurai Remnant - Gameplay - Announcment 1

Fate/ Samurai Remnant is set to be released this 2023 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. More info about this game will be revealed and fans can visit their main website as well.