Final Fantasy 14’s Resurgence to Top Dog

FFXIV in its top form.

Final Fantasy 14 (the critically acclaimed MMO, with a free trial up to level 60 that includes the Heavensward expansion) is on fire at the moment, with the near release of Endwalker, the games fourth expansion coming out in November, and with famous WoW streamers such as “Asmongold” coming over and enjoying his time, streaming to over 200k on his first day of playing. Many flocked to the Square Enix store and Steam, only to be greeted to a sight many didn’t know was even possible.

The online version of the game had sold out. Now, even a normal game selling out of the digital release of a product is already crazy, seeing as the only problem is bandwidth being used in downloading. However, what is even crazier is the explanation. Square Enix had, on its website, a limit of codes that sold each week, month or year, these limits are then given to the algorithm, and new codes are created to accommodate. In a MMO, as the title says, “massively”, the amount of codes created is on the higher scale to accommodate for the usually higher playerbase. To give an example to how much the increase of sales, the google trends tab showed a 100 percent increase in search terms “FFXIV” from July 3rd to 5th.

Yet even this was for naught, as upon day 2 of this surge, the square-enix store sold out of all its premade codes, and the character creator in game was congested on all servers, bleeding over from crystal datacentre from Asmongolds viewer base, with other big streamers seeing gold and following to the other datacentres. Luckily, from typing this the wave has passed, and most servers have thrown wide their gates. I wish all those warriors of light or darkness a great time in this new pinnacle of MMO design and see what the fuss is all about.