Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Voice Actress Celebrates Launch Day with Cosplay

Popular voice actress Briana White has recently shared some adorable cosplay pictures as Aerith from Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Ready to rumble!

White is popular due to her voice acting as Aerith in the original remake and also due to her lines that the original version did not have. In order to celebrate Launch Day of Intergrade, she cosplayed her character in her red dress and took some beautiful photographs while at it.

Happy Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launch day! I will always remember the moment I saw Aerith in her red dress in Wall Market for the first time. This character is so incredibly special to me & I’m so glad I’ve been able to cosplay her to “bring her to life” in a new and different way besides voicing her.

White’s share on social media has already garnered quite the attention as she has cosplayed Aerith to a tee.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.