Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Teased by Gaming Industry Insider

New update confirms new remaster?!

A new report has revealed that Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is indeed in the works.

According to journalist and gaming industry insider Jason Schreier claims in a recent tweet that Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is coming soon. A Twitter user first asked him about his early impressions of Octopatch Traveler 2 and then asked out of the blue where the remaster is. He just responded with the word, “Coming,” which already made big fans of the classic tactical RPG crazy.

This new confirmation correlates with an early report where Square Enix Producer Ichiro Hazama accidentally slipped some new information about a new remastered game, Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster. He casually responded to a question about the game, saying that the team behind it is “incredibly busy” at the moment, which meant he confirmed there is a remaster coming soon.

Final Fantasy Tactics is now 25 years old.

final fantasy tactics remaster

Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions is out now on PSP, Android, and iOS.