Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Developer Wants to Surpass FFXII Gambit System

An AI that can handle more commands than the Gambit System!

A new report claims that a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth developer wants to surpass the Gambit system from FFXII.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Battle Lead Programmer Satoru Koyama recently shared some interesting new details about the upcoming second part of the FFVII Remake trilogy. According to leaker Rino on their official Twitter account, the developer has some big plans for the second part of the trilogy and one of them is to surpass a certain game’s system with their Battle System.

According to Koyama, FFVII Rebirth’s Battle System aims to surpass the Gambit System from FFXII, which first introduced that type of AI feature. The Gambit System would allow players to allocate various commands before battle and the party members would automatically do these string of commands against enemies they meet on the battlefield would player input. It had some flaws, but it was innovative at that time.

With FFVII Rebirth’s Battle System, Koyama wants to create AI that would juggle a variety of techniques and magic. Compared to the Gambit System which was a bit flawed, the Battle System will be superior and will not just do attacks and guarding with AI. He wants the AI to handle more commands.

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To make it more accessible for everyone, Square Enix will introduce the Classic Mode. It will allow characters to fight automatically in battle. Players can either go with this mode and possibly with the new Battle System, or enjoy the new one.

No other details have been shared yet, but more could be coming soon.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is planned for winter 2023 exclusively on PS5.