Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer Hides Cid’s Most Famous Airship

Are the speculations true? Was it really that famous airship?

Fans of the franchise are now claiming that they might have seen Cid’s famous airship in the latest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer shown recently.

One of the biggest surprises shown during the Summer Game Fest was a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It showcased gameplay and cutscenes from the game which hyped a lot of fans right away, but also confused some of them due to some of its parts. Since this is the most anticipated sequel for Final Fantasy fans, they are now looking for any clues or easter eggs that have been hiding in the trailer and it seems they found a large one.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer Hides Large Airship?

According to the fans, at 2:20 of the trailer, it seems to be there is a large object in the distance while Cloud and the party are running toward it. It looks like a large airship of sorts and it is coming out from behind a cliff. They claim that this is Cid’s airship, the Highwind.

For those who do not know, the Highwind is the airship that Cid commandeers in the original game. It lets Cloud and the rest of the party travel all around the world with ease.

FFVII Rebirth Offers Airship Travels?

If it is the Highwind, some claim that it would be too early for the players to use since this is the second act of the story. The ability to travel fully around the world was only available in the last part of the original game so it could be only locked to certain locations for now.

Others claim otherwise that it will be available for use in the second part of Rebirth since they think the third game is going to be called Reunion. They speculate that the third game will be based on the popular film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

More Speculation

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth comprises two discs, which means there will be tons of content and it would be possible to round up the story right there and then for the original game. The third game, “Reunion”, could be Advent Children, so it is possible. It could also be possible that Rebirth is such a large game that it really needs two discs to play. It has open-world mechanics and the original Remake only consisted of Midgar which needed a whole disc to make and added an expansion which was also large enough.

If it was the Highwind, will FFVII Rebirth offer full open-world exploration with flight?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches in early 2024 for PS5.

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