Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud’s Mom Claudia Concept Art Revealed

Celebrate mother's day with Square Enix!

final fantasy vii remake

New Final Fantasy VII Remake concept art was recently released on social media showcasing Cloud’s mom, Claudia.

To celebrate Mother’s Day 2022, the official Japanese FFVII Remake Twitter account shared concept art of Claudia to pay tribute to her. It included concept art images and screenshots. The first image is the concept art of Claudia with her dress and apron. It is pretty much a drawn version of her.

The second and third images are the in-game looks of Cladia in the game. Her face is shown in the second image and clearly shows the similarities of her and her son, Cloud especially her hair bangs and eyes. While there is no image that shows the full front of her outfit, the third image shows the back side and also her apron.

The fourth image features a screenshot of her in-game in FFVII original. It shows Claudia and Cloud in a flashback scene. It is not as detailed as the Remake, but it does sort of shows both of their similarities especially the hair color. Also, the clothes she is wearing is similar to the concept art for the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.