Final Fantasy XIV Far Northern Attire Asked to be Removed by The Saami Council

The council claims the outfit is infringing rights.

The Saami Council has recently demanded Square Enix to remove the Final Fantasy XIV Far Northern Attire as it is using its cultural property and infringing the rights of the indigenous people.

Final Fantasy XIV has an in-game costume called the Far Northern Attire which consists of headpiece, tunic, gloves, bottoms, and boots. The whole set is available for purchase in the game’s online store with a price tag of $18 USD.

final fantasy xiv far northern attire

According to the Saami Council, the Far Northern Attire uses the cultural property of the Sámi, a group of indigenous people from parts of northern Scandinavia.

Media outlet Eurogamer has gotten a copy of a letter that the council has written and sent to Square Enix that demands the removal of the costume set from the game.

“This is not about sensitivity or whether the depiction is appropriate. These elements are Sámi cultural property and Square Enix has infringed on our rights,” said the president of The Saami Council, Áslat Holmberg.

“Our cultural property rights are not theoretical. They are protected and protectable under intellectual property laws, which are generally harmonized throughout the world. Square Enix, as a media company, is highly aware of intellectual property laws and has no excuse for this blatant violation of Sámi cultural property.”

The council has stated that it is disappointed that Square Enix did not even consider the rights of the Sámi people in relation to the product. It is now waiting for the company to reply to the letter it has sent to start discussions for the rights.