Final Fantasy XIV Online World Visit System Just Got Temporarily Suspended

Game company Square Enix just announced that Final Fantasy XIV Online players will have to stay in their own worlds for now as the World Visit System just got suspended for a few days.

After the introduction of patch 5.5 today, some players reported that they are having issues with their game. As a result, the developers have announced a temporary suspension of the world visit for now and it will only take a few days. They will be fixing things on their end. They have good news though, the Worlds of Aegis, Carbuncle, and Odin have been fixed.

It was confirmed that the issue that some players complained could not be reproduced by the development team’s system environment. This is why they had to do a maintenance on all Worlds in order to make sure everything is fixed and working properly.

The team will be sharing more news later on when it becomes available.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. The PS5 open beta period has also started today.

Source: Official Website