Final Fantasy XIV Sage Job Icon Gets Changed After Fans Complained of Trypophobia

Players complained about the old icon making them feel uncomfortable.

Game Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has announced on the official website that Final Fantasy XIV Sage Job icon will be getting a makeover after some fans complained of trypophobia.

The Sage Job was revealed on the Endwalker special website with details on the sage and the reaper. This included the icons of both jobs and the team did not think it was a big reveal for the fans. This is when they received feedback from players all over the world that the sage icon, in particular, made them feel uncomfortable or fearful.

New Sage Job icon

Yoshida revealed that they feared the clusters of small holes on the sage icon, which is a phobia called trypophobia. As it suggests, it is the fear of seeing groups of small holes or bumps, and the viewers who saw the icon on the website reminded them of it for some reason.

Regardless if only a few players have that kind of phobia or a lot of them, Yoshida and the team decided to make changes to the icon. While the design concept is still the same, the holes have been reduced. The icon still represents the sage job since it represents the four nouliths of the sage’s arnament.

Final Fantasy XIV is already available on PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC while The Endwalker expansion with the sage job launches on November 23, 2021.