Final Fantasy XVI Demo Save Offers Benefits for Completion

Complete it ahead of the full launch to get a bonus!

final fantasy xvi

A new post revealed the benefits of completing the Final Fantasy XVI demo save.

Senior Specialist, Content Communications Gillen McAllister recently posted on the official PlayStation Blog discussing Final Fantasy XVI hands-on session. It was revealed that the demo save data of the game demo can be carried over to the full game. Unfortunately, that is the only detail that he mentioned in the blog post related to the demo save data.

McAllister did not even reveal when the FFXVI demo will be available or what it will include. Based on many playable demos in other games, it could feature Clive’s early life when he was younger. It might be when he was still serving as the protector of his younger brother Joshua. Producer Naoki Yoshida said in a previous interview that the trial will show up two weeks before the official launch.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.