Final Fantasy XVI Reveals New Game+ Difficulty called Final Fantasy Mode

Final Fantasy Mode offers a whole different experience for fans.

Square Enix recently revealed the Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ difficulty called Final Fantasy Mode.

Final Fantasy games usually have New Game+ modes all the time to allow players to enjoy the game again with better equipment and their skills unlocked at the start. Sometimes, it unlocks new types of enemies to fight, which can be a different variant from the original monsters now with higher difficulty. They also offer better loot and experience when killed. A few other times, a new difficulty mode is unlocked to offer a challenge to players who love this kind of stuff. Surprisingly, the team behind Final Fantasy XVI revealed a new difficulty to unlock before launch.

Final Fantasy XVI Unocks ‘Final Fantasy Mode’

Square Enix recently revealed during a pre-release live stream on Saturday that the new Final Fantasy Mode. This will help raise the player’s level cap to 100 and feature more challenging enemies. Abilities, items, gear, level, and weapons will be carried over from previous playthroughs. They will also unlock the ability to craft a special Ultima weapon that can fight off more powerful enemies.

There are also the Arete Stone challenges that offer an extra Ultimania difficulty that can be unlocked in New Game+. There is also a Hard time attack mode called Chronolith Trials.

Reward for Completing Final Fantasy Mode

Completing Final Fantasy Mode will reward players with the Gold Trophy on PS5.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.