Final Fantasy XVI Upcoming Trailer Possibly Getting Released “Soon”

Yoshi-P is technically saying the game is pretty much "complete".

In a recent stream, Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida has recently given some information about upcoming and most anticipated JRPG Final Fantasy XVI.

According to Twitter user @aitaikimochi, Yoshi-P had recently talked some news during the NieR Re[in]carnation stream. One of those details were about the upcoming JRPG Final Fantasy XVI. He revealed the next trailer is already complete with many new information about the game.

Another Twitter user watching the stream

The FFXIV producer did say that due to some circumstances, the trailer is a bit delayed. He then hinted that it should be released soon though and might have meant that it would be revealed during a PlayStation stream (State of Play perhaps?)

About the game itself though, Yoshi-P clarified that his team is still working on polishing and optimizing the game. If they are now optimizing the game, it could mean that it is in a “complete state” now, playable even, but still riddled with bugs. He has not hinted of its launch yet, not even a release window.

At least there is some new information about the game instead of nothing at all.

Final Fantasy XVI is still in development exclusively for PS5.