Final Fantasy XVI Overheats and Crashes PS5 Consoles in Graphics Mode

It's like Ifrit visited the PS5 and engulfed it on fire.

New reports have revealed that Final Fantasy XVI is making a lot of PS5 consoles overheat and crash in graphics mode.

Final Fantasy XVI Overheating Consoles

It was recently reported that Final Fantasy XVI has sold millions of units both physical and digital versions on launch, which was fantastic. It has already been over a week and a lot of players have already completed the game. While some have not reported any issues when playing the game on their PS5 consoles, a lot of others have actually complained about it having certain issues while playing.

PS5 Users Share Reports

Many users have reported on Reddit and Twitter telling the same complaint: Final Fantasy XVI is crashing PS5s at a specific point in the game, but only in graphics mode. Most PS5 games nowadays have two game modes: performance and graphics modes. The latter focuses more on higher resolution, better visuals, and more, but the frames per second are capped at 30.

Graphics Mode Makes PS5 Work Harder

Playing the game in graphics mode definitely slows down the game and some have revealed that the PS5 fans would rotate faster than normal. It seems the game would use a lot of resources that lead to the PS5’s hardware processing harder, making it hotter as a result.

Square Enix has not made a comment yet in regard to the complaints but with the number of reports rising, a new patch might be announced soon.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively on PS5.