Final Fantasy XVI PC Port Officially Confirmed

PC players, rejoice!

final fantasy xvi

Square Enix has officially confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will be getting a PC port in the near future.

Final Fantasy XVI PC Port Speculation Started Years Ago

When Final Fantasy XVI was revealed in 2020, it was speculated by fans that the game was going to be coming to PC. This was due to the trailer that revealed that it would be coming out on PC, but was not confirmed by Square Enix at that time. In 2022, a trailer revealed that the game has a 6-month PS5 exclusivity period and after that, it would come out on other platforms aside from the PS5. Again, the developers did not confirm or deny these allegations. They also did not fully disclose clear details about this.

Another Hint from the Director

Earlier this year, FFXVI Game Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that the development team was only focusing on the PS5 version and warned against expecting the game on other platforms. Yet another hint that the game is coming to other platforms but again not officially confirming it.

Finally, Confirmation

Today, Yoshida finally confirmed in an interview with Ascii via Siliconera translation that the game will be coming to PC and will be in development after the launch of the PS5 version. “In regards to the development of the PC port, we plan to slowly work on it after release [of FFXVI for the PS5].”

Speculations on PC Port Development

When will the PC version start its development though? No one knows and based on Yoshida’s response in the interview, it seems the port will take a lot of time to bake before he decides to release it. In terms of the features that will support the PC port, expect a lot of huge improvements, especially in the visual department.

Is It Coming to Xbox?

The other question is: will it ever come to the green side aka Xbox? Depends on the publisher really, but based on the current development, it seems the game is geared only toward the PlayStation side. Perhaps Square Enix will change its mind at a later time.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5 and later on PC.