Final Fantasy XVI Physical Copies Reportedly Out in the Wild

Remember, no spoilers!

New reports claim Final Fantasy XVI physical copies are now out in the wild a week before its official release.

Final Fantasy XVI Already a Hit Before Official Launch

The Final Fantasy XVI playable demo is now available and already fans and players who have tested it out are already saying this game could be a Game of the Year contender. Everyone is so impressed by it that many are contemplating why they should be waiting for a week after playing the demo. It left them hanging out so much that they are itching to go back into the game again. It seems some will be getting their wishes soon because some physical copies are now available apparently.

Physical Copies Reportedly Out in the Wild

Some social media users are already posting screenshots of the game ahead of the official launch. They claim that they have physical copies of FFXVI and showing it off on their accounts. Some even showed screenshots of their gameplay, to prove that they are already playing. The images, however, only show the early parts only and possibly just part of the playable demo, but it could be possible that a few days later videos might show up, so it would be better to avoid social media for now.

Why FFXVI Is Only PS5 Exclusive?

In other news, a new trailer showcases the next-gen immersion of Final Fantasy XVI, reminding fans why it is a PS5 exclusive. It does not contain any spoilers, but it does showcase how the game maximizes the power of the PS5 hardware.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.