Final Fantasy XVI Sales Considered ‘Extremely Strong’

Square Enix points to install base of PS5 for reference.

Square Enix has recently stated that Final Fantasy XVI sales are “extremely strong” saying that the game has sold well relative to the PS5 install base.

Final Fantasy XVI Big Debate on Sales

Final Fantasy XVI sold three million copies during launch week, which started a big debate online about whether it had met Square Enix’s sales targets. Later, a Bloomberg article was published pointing out that sales of the game in Japan had dropped dramatically in the second week after launch. They stated that the initial sales “lagged” behind previous games in the Final Fantasy franchise and Square Enix was “grappling with weak momentum”.

Install Base is Key

Square Enix released a statement to IGN noting the difference in the install base between the PS4 when the FFVII Remake launched and the install base of the PS5 when FFXVI launched last month.

“With 38 million PS5 consoles shipped globally (as of March 31, 2023), sales of Final Fantasy 16 surpassed three million units worldwide several days after its release on June 22, 2023,” Square Enix said.

“Taking into consideration the sales figures of the acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the difference in size of the install base of the PlayStation 4 at the time of this title’s release, we can see that the attach rate of Final Fantasy 16 is considerably high, given the PS5 install base.

“Square Enix considers the initial sales results of Final Fantasy 16 to be extremely strong, and we will continue to carry out a wide range of initiatives to encourage even more people to play the game.”