Final Fantasy XVI Will Exhibit Powerful Features of PS5 Hardware

Revenge trailer gives a taste of PS5 power!

Final Fantasy XVI Launch

It was recently revealed that the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XVI will showcase the powerful features of the newest PlayStation console.

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida recently spoke during the Letter from the Producer Live Part 75 to talk about Final Fantasy XIV and also shared some interesting details about his new project. By the end of the segment, he showed the latest trailer of the FFXVI trailer series and gave some juicy details about it.

According to Yoshi-P via @Genki_JPN, the trailer was actually made with real-time rendering and has no loading sequences. He exclaims that this upcoming title will be the one to showcase the powerful features of the PS5.

Aside from the ones that Yoshi-P mentioned, he also revealed that players will be able to turn the camera around during cutscenes. Imagine letting players do that in various titles in the past. They would be able to see many memorable cutscenes from another angle and could offer better immersion. With the PS5 and FFXVI, it is all possible.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 on PS5.