Final Fantasy XVI Offers Story-Focused Mode for Players Not Familiar with Action Gameplay

According to a new interview with Producer Naoki Yoshida, the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XVI will have another mode for those who are not familiar with fast-paced action gameplay.

In an interview with Game Hack, a Japan-based radio show, Yoshida shared some important details about FFXVI. He revealed that the game will have action and story elements, but there will be other modes to choose from. For those who are not familiar with action gameplay, players can opt for the story-focused game mode. It will include different kinds of support actions, which will help them get through battles without too much effort.

Yoshida did promise that the default gameplay will be smooth and easy to get the hang of, but if they truly could not get familiar with it, then they can choose the other game mode. No other details were shared.

Final Fantasy XVI is still in development and exclusively for PlayStation 5. No specific details about a release windows were revealed.

Source: Games Talk translated by Siliconera