Fire Emblem Engage The Divine Dragon Awakens Trailer Released

A sneak preview of what to expect!

Nintendo has recently released the new Fire Emblem Engage The Divine Dragon Awakens trailer.

The new trailer features the beginning of the game where the protagonist Alear is with his dying mother in his arms. She is pleading Alear to look and gather all 12 rings in order to return his lost memories. He promises to complete this last wish as she dies in his arms.

Alear then summons Marth to the battlefield in a form of a spirit. He helps the hero in defeating his enemies and gives him small hints of what his personality was like in the past. He looks rather hesitant to share all of the details for some reason. After this scene, several other characters were showcased. Their character details can be viewed here in this article.

fire emblem engage the divine dragon awakens trailer

Fire Emblem Engage launches on January 20, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are now available open via the eShop.