Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack 3 Contents Detailed

Fire Emblem Warriors DLC 3

Koei Tecmo recently released information about the new Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack 3. It contains several Fire Emblem Awakening characters and updates for the game.

Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack 3 with update 1.5.0

Nintendo will launch the new DLC Pack 3 Fire Emblem Awakening add-on on March 29. The game company priced the DLC for only $8.99, but players can also purchase the Season Pass that has a price tag of $19.99.

DLC Pack 3 contents

The new DLC Pack 3 contains several new playable characters for the video game. Owain is a swordsman and uses the character skill Balanced Power Resonance. Hidenori Takahashi voices this character.

Fire Emblem Warriors Owain

Popular female character Tharja is a Dark Mage who uses a Grimoire as a weapon. She uses the character skill Covenant of Destruction and she’s voiced by Yuuki Takada.

Olivia is a Dancer that uses a Sword as a weapon and voiced by Rei Matsuzaki. She uses the character skill Galeforce that restores the Warrior and Awakening Gauge.

The DLC pack includes new history maps as well such as the Scion of Legend, Exalt Emmeryn, and Caravan Dancer. All maps are reminiscent to maps from previous titles of the Fire Emblem franchise.

Fire Emblem Warriors Tharja

Nintendo also added new costumes like Chrom’s Exalt, Lissa’s Sage, and Cordelia’s Dark Pegasus. Dedicated weapons were also introduced like Frederick’s Solid Axe, Robin’s Thoron, Tharja’s Spell, Cordelia’s Love lance, Lissan’s Healing Axe, Owain’s Mystletainn, and Olivia’s Dancing Sword.

Update 1.5.0 launched

Update version 1.5.0 was introduced together with the DLC Pack 3. It adjusted several stats of levels, weapons skills, and more. The Switch version of the game got a support for the video capture feature.

Check out a fan-made video showing the contents of DLC 3 below:


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