First-Party PS4 Game Releases Expected to be Phased Out by 2025

PS5 is going to take over by 2025.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently shared details of what they told investors about what they expect of first-party ps4 game releases.

The PS5 has already been in the market for quite a while now and it still continues to sell out all over the world despite low in supply. When it does get stocked, it gets sold out immediately. If only the materials for building the console is not at an all-time low, more units would have been manufactured and sold. This could have also make the PS4 “rest its laurels” and let the new one take over.

In a recent investor presentation by SIE, it focused more on growth comparisons between the PS4 and PS5. There was a section of it called Evolving Shape of First-Party Portfolio where it compares the platform support in years: 2019, 2022, and 2025.

In 2019, it was clear that the PS4 dominated SIE’s releases and only a small part of that was the PC. This year, it showed the PS5 appearing with steady growth and about the same as well with the combination of PS4 and PS5. PC was a bit less than the two, but mobile only had small growth. Then by 2025, it is expected that the PS5 will now dominate the game company’s releases with the PC gaining more ground, and a bit with mobile.

While it is expected that the PS4 game releases are going to slowly die out starting by 2025, it does not mean SIE is going to slow down its development investment for its first-party studios. It is the opposite, actually because they are going to double, no triple the investment in development of new IPs. They will also increase investment in existing ones too.

PS4 game releases getting phased out is going to happen though with the launch of PS5, just like its predecessors, PS3, PS2, and the original PlayStation console. What will happen though are remakes and remasters since this has become the trend recently. Most gamers would not mind, but others might want new IPs or sequels.