Former Xbox Director Discusses Praises, Worries On PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Former Xbox director Albert Penello recently talked about what he thought of the upcoming PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller and he has some concerns about it.

Former Xbox director is worried of some features

While most members of the gaming community are quite excited about the upcoming PS5 with its DualSense Controller, Penello was quite worried of some of its features in a more technical way. He listed some downsides he saw on the gadget and it is quite a bit extensive.

First, Penello was worried about the resting on the triggers with a sad smiley face at the end of that sentence. The next one was that he was worried about the partline that runs down the grips. He thinks that it could create some discomfort in the Thenar muscles, which could happen looking at the design. Then he questioned the use of the microphone and how useful would that be in practice. That is quite a good concern because most players would use headsets already with mics attached to it.

Penello was also worried of its compatibility with VR games and the controllers back compatibility with the PlayStation 4 games. It could be more compatible with VR games, but the PS4 games could be adjusted with a patch to make it compatible with the PS5.

Praises for the DualSense

Even though Penello was worried about a lot of features of the DualSense, he did like some of it. He liked the futuristic look and compared it to a Portal/Mass Effect style armor. He applauded the bold and expensive design choices in order to achieve that kind of layering look. He also liked that the triggers are widened and was a smart choice. What he is looking forward to is the fidelity to rumble.

The ex-director did say that he is genuinely intrigued with the design choice of the controllers because historically it is tied to the design of the console system. Maybe everyone is already looking at some part of the console in some form.

The PS5 is still coming holiday 2020.