Forspoken PC Update Version 1.03 Released with Patch Notes

More updates being planned according to director.

Square Enix has now released the newest Forspoken PC update with patch notes.

Forspoken PC Update Fixes Bugs and Makes Changes

The latest Forspoken PC update finally addresses various technical and performance problems that many PC users have constantly complained about. It fixes various bugs and expanded the controller and mouse support.

The Forspoken PC update also introduces graphical adjustments like updating the graphic settings and updating certain objects’ graphics. The patch version is now displayed on the game’s title screen to let players know.


forspoken pc update

Check out the full patch notes below:

Patch Notes
Technical Issues:
・Fixed an issue where the side button setting can’t be deleted for the 5-button mouse config.
*The system text accompanied with this update will only be displayed when the text language is set to English or Japanese. The system text for other languages will soon be implemented in an upcoming update.
・Fixed a crash that can occur when using a specific GPU.
・Fixed an issue where screen flickers occur when using certain Intel GPUs.
・Fixed an audio issue that caused unintended noise. 
・The UI display size has been adjusted for the Steam Deck when the resolution is set to 1280 x 800.
・Various minor fixes.

Graphical Adjustments:
・Updated the graphical settings to cap the number of displayed NPCs when the Model Detail Level is set to Low.
・Updated certain objects’ graphics that appear in the New York map. 

Feature Updates:
・The system has been updated to accept the button inputs from the controller that is used even when multiple controllers are connected to the PC.
・The patch version will be displayed on the game’s title screen.
・The clickable area for each menu’s entries has been widened for mouse inputs.

Director’s Promise

Aside from the new update, Luminous Productions Studio Head and Forspoken Director Takeshi Aramaki posted a message on the game’s official Twitter account. They revealed their future game plans and let everyone know they have listened to their feedback, which they will use to make fixes and changes.