Forspoken Reportedly Costs $100 Million to Develop

That is an unbelievable amount.

A new report has revealed that Forspoken costs more than $100 million to develop.

Forspoken Lead Writer Allison Rymer recently posed on her LinkedIn account describing the game with as follows: a fantasy AAA video game ($100,000,000+ budget) with release date set for Fall 2022.

This post was found after a few days since Square Enix stated that the game’s sales had been lackluster and that its financial failings is a considerable risk for the parent company. Some speculated that this caused Luminous Productions to be joined back to Square Enix and possibly the stepping down of Square Enix’s president.

Many disappointed fans were quite shocked by the discovery and posted their feedback on Twitter. One of them was not convinced that the cost was $100 million. “They must have accidentally added a 0,” said the poster.

Forspoken Susurrus Boss Guide cover

Some people are curious as to where all of the money has been invested since Forspoken’s review scores do not reflect it. If the costs were that high, it should have at least landed on higher scores compared to the ones seen on various platforms. On Metacritic, it is only 64 which is baffling to players.