Fortnite’s Garden Gnomes Hate Bacon; Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Will Get Features That High-End PCs Have

Epic Games’ defend-your-fortress focused title Fortnite just came out from its alpha stage to paid early access. Players are already having fun zapping Husks to smithereens, building their forts, set traps, you name it.

However, there’s one thing in Fortnite — bacons in the toilet. Yes, the juicy and delicious bacon is in the toilet on Fortnite! Players get to loot them out from the toilet if ever they decide to explore bathrooms in the game. It’s all but confirmed by Fortnite’s Creative Director, Darren Sugg, that the Garden Gnomes might be the pesky little bastards who placed them bacons in toilets.

When asked by IndieObscura about the bacon in the toilet on an interview, Darren said “I’m betting it’s the garden gnomes.” This might be possible that Garden Gnomes have this hatred with bacon!

You can check the video download below by YouTubers Lewis and Simon as they discover that bacons are placed inside the toilet:

The publication continued and ask if there will be any improvements playing on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. With the recent tech analysis by Digital Foundry, it shows in their video that there is no significant boost or whatsoever in playing Fortnite on the PS4 Pro.

The Eurogamer branch also stated that the performance is particularly stable on Xbox One than on the PS4. However, Darren stated that there will be features on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X that high-end PCs have. Although he never did state what those features would be.

[alert type=white ]”Yeah, these new editions of the console enable Fortnite to run features you usually only get on high end PCs, and it’s pretty awesome.”[/alert]

It’s a concrete evidence on Digital Foundry’s video that it’s not yet optimized on the PS4 Pro. Since Fortnite is still in early access, we can hope that future updates and patches will improve the game on the PS4 and get those “features” that Darren mentioned on the PS4 Pro.

You can check Digital Foundry’s tech analysis of Fortnite below:

Fortnite is already available in paid early access on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.