Fortnite: Servers are Down Following New Update

Fortnite servers down, I repeat, it's down!

Fortnite Server Offline

Fortnite Servers will be offline today as Epic Games releases its next major update across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

Maintenance will be required across all major platforms as a result of the release of Fortnite version 18.30 today. The good news is that we now know exactly when the Fortnite downtime will begin today, as well as a general estimate of how long it will run.

When will Fortnite servers be back up?

On October 26, at 1:00 AM PDT / 4:00 AM EDT / 9:00 AM BST, Fortnite 18.30 will be unavailable for 30 minutes, though matchmaking will be deactivated for 30 minutes before to that date.

How long does Fortnite downtime last?

Downtime is usually limited to an hour or two, and after the servers have been restored, you’ll be able to log in and check out whatever map modifications and new content have been added.

Fortnite Server Status

If you need information on Fortnite server status and to check if Fortnite servers are offline, you may visit their official Twitter page @FortniteStatus.

To check on the status of the servers, go to Or check their community Trello board for detailed information.

Fortnite 18.30 Update

Epic Games is set to unvault another famous item, according to clues that were given earlier this week. The Fortnite 18.30 release dates and hours have been revealed, and as is customary for Epic, the company has used the opportunity to provide a little teaser about what the update will bring.

Following the update, the developers are teasing a choice between “force” and “combat” or “groove” and “rhythm,” and dataminers believe this is a reference to an upcoming vote between the combat shotgun and the boogie bomb, both of which were vaulted in Chapter 2 Season 5 and are currently available for purchase.

Previous votes in War Effort events have allowed gamers to bring back weapons such as the combat assault rifle, which has become popular among players.

According to rumors, Cube Town may ultimately convert into the rumored Pyramid that was unearthed during the last campaign season. Epic Games released the Fortnitemares event last week, and it may be difficult to come up with something new to follow it up this week.

Full patch notes should be available as soon as the update is completed.

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