Fortnite Includes New Tombstone To Commemorate Failed Rescue Mission

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The ones behind Fortnite recently added a symbol to commemorate the latest and one of the funniest events in the game: a botched rescue operation.

Fortnite celebrates awesome in-game failed rescue attempt

Last week, an expedition from YouTuber Muselk happened to make his way to a cliffside and saw a player stuck below it. Being the good man he is, he tried to make a rescue attempt in order to save the player named Chaperdoodle. Sad to say, his attempt turned out to be a failure because instead of a rescue, he lost control of the golf kart and sent Chaperdoodle out of bounds.

The clip of the whole failed rescue event has circulated online and even the official account of the game shared it on their official Twitter account.

With the latest update, Epic Games added a little something to acknowledge the YouTuber’s valiant, yet funny and zany, efforts. In the area where the failed attempt took place, the studio created a tombstone to remember Chaperdoodle with a set of wheels at the side.

Epic added tribute to "The greatest rescue mission in Fortnite" from FortNiteBR

The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and iOS.

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