All 7 Fortune Cookies Locations – SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

Here's where to find all Fortune Cookies in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

All 7 Fortune Cookie Locations - SpongeBob Cosmic Shake

One of the optional objectives in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is to collect fortune cookies for elderly residents. Completing it will give players 1 Golden Doubloon for Bikini Bottom, but where do you even begin looking for these collectibles? Read on for a full walkthrough.

How to Start the Fortune Cookies Side Quest?

You can only unlock this objective after defeating Sandy in the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom map. If you’ve already done this, talk to the Shady Shoals Nurse (you should see a bubble with a red flag on top of her head) in front of Sandy’s Treedome to start the Fortune Cookies Side Quest.

Tips: You may quickly travel to any checkpoint on the map by using the fast travel to checkpoints feature. To do this, open your world map and select on the little clams that represent various areas throughout the map.

Finding all 7 Fortune Cookies in the game also takes place in the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom map. Here’s how you can collect them in order:

Fortune Cookie #1: Movie Hallway

Fast-travel to the Movie Hallway checkpoint and continue along the hallway until you reach the exit. The fortune cookie sits on a platform with some brown Tikis not far from the exit; to reach it, turn left immediately after leaving the building.

Fortune Cookie #2: Backlot

Fast-travel to the Backlot checkpoint and simply move straight ahead. You’ll find a fortune cookie floating on top of a small round table.

Fortune Cookie #3: During Karate King “The Movie” Scene

Shortly after collecting the second fortune cookie, continue ahead to your right and enter the metal door, this will take you back to the Karate King Challenge.

Progress through the challenge until you reach a wired fence. Destroy the stocked tikis to enter the fenced area, then jump on top of the box to collect the fortune cookie.

Fortune Cookie #4: Back Alley

You’ll eventually reach the next checkpoint after the fight scene, or simply go to the Back Alley checkpoint using fast-travel so that it doesn’t confuse you. Now, move a bit further ahead until you reach a glowing garbage bin. Hit it with SpongeBob’s spin attack to reveal the fortune cookie.

Fortune Cookie #5: Paparazzi Street

Fast-travel to the Paparazzi Street checkpoint and continue along the road, onto the other end of the street. You’ll find the fortune cookie floating on top of a picnic table near the bouncer.

Fortune Cookie #6: First Nautical Bank

Fast-travel to the First Nautical Bank checkpoint and take the path into the sewers. As soon as you exit, look ahead in front, and you’ll spot the fortune cookie next to a street lamp.

Fortune Cookie #7: Dojo Estate

Fast-travel to the Dojo Estate and immediately find the fortune cookie in the center, surrounded by some gongs.

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