Forza Horizon 3 Finally Gets Its Xbox One X Patch

Forza Horizon 3, one of Playground Games’ most successful Forza title, gets its Xbox One X update that improves the game’s visuals and environments, and not just the base game, this upgrade includes the Hot Wheels and Blizzard Mountains expansions.

Xbox One X owners will get better reflections, lighting, and highly detailed graphical textures of the game’s environment. Shadows are also improved and a lot better, plus the motion blur gets an improvement and as well as the anisotropic filtering.

Ralph Fulton, Forza Horizon 3‘s Creative Director, believes that the fans really value image quality. “We know that our fans really value great image quality, so we’ve taken this opportunity to deliver that to them with this update on Xbox One X. On top of the obvious enhancement to native 4K, there are a number of other improvements we’ve made which really take advantage of the added definition 4K brings.”

This upgrade leans more on the visual side of the game and nothing too game-changing. Forza Horizon 3 already looks fantastic on the original Xbox One and Xbox One S, tuning the game’s graphical setting and running the game on a 4K screen makes everything else perfect.

Forza Horizon 3 launched last year and it’s already available on PC and Xbox One.