GameStop Cancels FE:Fates Special Edition Pre-orders

Due to a glitch in GameStop’s system, they allowed people to order way beyond their capacity. People have been getting calls from a Gamestop Corporate telling them that their orders are cancelled. They cancelled orders after the glitch which happened on November 18. cancelled. A  reddit user named mydpy posted this photo 4 days ago:

GameStop email by mydpy
GameStop email by mydpy

A GameStop store manager named Thirleck did however made a comment on this situation:

“Sorry to everyone this involved: GameStop store manager here and Mod of /r/GameStop.
This is what happened.
A small Glitch happened in the computer late on a Friday evening way after reservations have been cut off from the Special Edition in store (I’m talking almost a month later). This went unnoticed until the following Monday when the sku was changed to “Do not Reserve” mysteriously leading many employees to worry that it was a mistake.
I personally emailed my contacts to find out what was going on, the main reason they waited until now (a month out) to publicly say anything is they wanted to try and secure extras to cover for customers who had reserved during the glitch. Sadly there are no extras as every retailer has sold out and that is why they are going for 300$ on eBay.
It sucks it happened but GameStop was trying to get the extras to cover for the glitch, but they can’t make Nintendo make more.
I’m also not getting mine because I didn’t reserve in time either.
I really wish Nintendo would make a non SE sku for the people who want all 3 on one cart for like 69.99 or something.”

I guess Nintendo didn’t expect Fire Emblem’s popularity to be this big in North America. Feels like the Amiibo thing all over again. All the other stores in NA are sold out as well. Sad day for FE fans. Here’s to hoping for a re-release on the Special Edition.