Nintendo Switch Hacker Gary Bowser Has Pleaded Guilty to Multiple Charges

One hacker down, two to go.

Gary Bowser, the 51 years old hacker from Canada has now pleaded guilty to multiple hacking charges.

After pleading guilty to the multiple charges of hacking, Bowser will now have to pay $4.5 million and could also face up to 10 years in jail. He was the one who was caught for being part of the group who designed and sold console modchips for Nintendo Switch, which allowed to play pirated copies of the games.

According to a report, Bowser has recently changed his plea to guilty and has admitted to charges of making those hacking devices in order to play pirated copies of Nintendo Switch games and selling those games to the public. He has also admitted to working together with Team Xecuter from June 2013. This is the group who designed and sold the console modchips. He admitted that he knew and was willing to participate in a cybercriminal enterprise that hacked leading gaming consoles. These devices were Gateway 3DS, Stargate, TrueBlue Mini, Classic2Magic, and the current SX.

The report says Team Xecuter actually earned at least $10 million from the sale of the hacking device and Bowser got around $320k a year of profits. Their excuse for creating the device was to enable homebrew development, which actually unlocked the ability to play pirated games, but for a price.

Bowser is not just one of the people the US government has arrested. They also caught Max Louarn, 48 years old French guy from Avignon who was caught in Canda and is currently getting extradited to the US. Yuanning Chen, 35 years old, is from Shenzhen, China and still at large.

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