Genshin Impact Hack and Plug-Ins Addressed by HoYoVerse

Bans for those who are involved in the hacking.

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HoYoVerse has recently issued a statement that addresses the recent Genshin Impact hack and plug-ins.

There have been reports of deleted items by using a Genshin Impact Kaveh hack and plug-ins. To address this issue, HoYoVerse has now announced that it will be banning various players. It has now patched out the hack on August 25, 2023 which fixed the affected players’ world who contacted the company on the next day. Players who used the hack will be banned with the company taking legal action against them.

There were players who were heading into co-op gameplay and used Kaveh’s Elemental Skill to make objects in the world like the petrified trees in Domains. This caused a lot of issues for those that got affected, which led them to report to HoYoVerse immediately.

The company is now encouraging its players to contact customer service via its official email address. Players will be asked if they were affected by the issue of the missing objects plus the UID of the players who played with them and used Kaveh hack and plug-ins.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, mobile, PS4, and PS5.