Genshin Impact – La Signora Guide

The whole truth about this powerful Fatui Harbinger.

When Genshin Impact players completed the first chapter of the game, everyone thought it was going to end well, but then this villainess appears out of nowhere and ruins everything, La Signora. Just who is she? Check out her cruelty and devious details, the actual reason why she is doing this, how to unlock her as a weekly trounce domain, and how to defeat her during a boss fight.

Genshin Impact La Signora: How to Unlock the Powerful Fatui Harbinger Boss

With the launch of Genshin Impact update 2.1, La Signora is now part of a weekly trounce domain with her as a boss fight. She can be unlocked after completing the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 3 – Omnipresence Over Mortals. Complete the previous quest first then follow the story quests and make sure to be on Adventure Rank 30 or higher to gain access to this.

Like any other Trounce Domains, La Signora’s rewards can only be acquired once a week. It is usually 60 Resin to claim them, but if you have only done less than three Trounce Domains in the current week, it will only cost 30 Resin.

Genshin Impact: How Do You Defeat La Signora?

The first thing to do is prepare for La Signora’s fight and that is which element to bring. DO NOT BRING ANY PYRO OR CRYO damage per second (DPS) carry characters into this boss fight because they will be a hindrance instead. She has two forms: first Cryo and then Pyro in the next. It would be best to bring other elements except for these two. Also, bring a ranged character into this fight as it can damage La Signora from a safe distance. Her attacks are quite painful like her debilitating Cryo range attacks and her devastating Pyro hits.

Next is to bring a character that can offer a shield against element attacks. With La Signora’s attacks having elements and can be frequent, it would be best to bring like Zhongli or Diona to lessen the damage and probably lessen her resistance. Bring healers too even if you have shields since her attacks pack quite a punch.

The first form is a bit easier because, after a while, La Signora will protect herself with a Cryo cocoon afterward from damage. The only thing that can break that up are the Crimson Lotus Moths that are flying around. Collect one and hit it with her to deal damage to the cocoon. You can also use a Pyro character, but the moths offer bigger damage.

Careful being around her because La Signora can plant elemental trip-mines. Just back away from her and use ranged attacks to deal damage. If you get caught in an explosion, just run away until the debuff goes away from your character.

La Signora’s stage has two debuffs called Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat in her respective transformations. Do not worry, her pylons can solve that problem by destroying them, which can either give heat or cold when needed. Whenever the debuff gauge goes by half, just destroy them or go near an elemental moth. Also, destroying all pylons will clear the debuffs afterward. So destroy them right away if they appear.

After all of that, please always unload all of your big attacks after she teleports. Once La Signora uses her teleport move, she can frequently do that for a while, but it will slow down after a few uses. When you notice that, give it everything you have and back away afterward. Repeat this and for sure you will win the boss fight.

Genshin Impact La Signora Boss Fight Rewards

After defeating/surviving the La Signora battle, you will get materials that can upgrade character abilities. These are Molten Moments, Hellfire Butterflies, and Ashen Hearts. Aloy and Raiden Shogun use the Molten Moments materials, while Kujou Sara uses Ashen Hearts.

Genshin Impact La Signora: How Everyone Met Her

The first time everyone met the beautiful yet dangerous La Signora in Genshin Impact was after the end of Act 3 of the Prologue. This was after you defeated Dvalin and finally cured his craziness. After returning and restoring the Holy Lyre der Himmel, Venti was attacked by La Signora together with other Fatui agents and mages and then stole the Gnosis off Venti. This started her villainous impression on everyone who played the game.

The second time she appeared was in Act 3 of Archon Quest Chapter I. La Signora was actually working behind the scenes and had already done a deal with Zhongli where he would hand over his Gnosis and leave peacefully. Childe was not pleased with this since he was not informed even though he was one of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui.

The last time she appears is in Act 3 of Chapter II where she meets with the Raiden Shogun in Tenshukaku.


In this portion of the guide is a spoiler for those who have not completed the latest act yet. In Act 3 of Chapter II, she meets with Raiden Shogun and flaunts her status as a Snezhnayan diplomat. She also revealed that she was the one who defeated Kujou Sara before the Traveler arrives. She was also the cause of every disaster that the Fatui was involved with including the Vision Hunt Decree and the distribution of the Delusions to the Sangonomiya Resistance. This is where the Traveler promptly challenged La Signora to a battle and won the said battle with the opponent weakened. She was then executed by the Raiden Shogun with Musou no Hitotachi. She then vanished into ash.


Who Really is La Signora?

La Signora is also known for her nickname The Fair Lady and her real name is Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter. She is the 8th Harbinger of the Eleven in the Fatui. She uses Cryo element at first but her real element is actually Pyro. She was given the Cryo Delusion by the Fatui in order her natural affinity towards using the art of liquid flame.

Her real origins are unknown, but La Signora had lived in Mondstadt more or less 500 years ago. She loved to sing and fell in love with Rostam. Before the calamity struck Mondstadt, she was given the special hydro-timepiece by Rostam in order to keep track of the amount of time that she would be away studying at Sumeru Academia.

When La Signora returned, she learned that Rostam died fighting against monsters during the calamity. This made her depressed and angry, and decided to use her flames to destroy the world’s crookedness. This turned her into the Crimson Witch of Flame. It was believed that she left her mortal body and let the liquid flame flow through herself become a powerful being. She burned monsters and demons, but she was feared by everyone.

How Does La Signora Look In-Game?

La Signora is a tall woman with pale skin, pale blonde hair, and light grey eyes. She wears a Fatui mask, black in color over her face just covering her right eye. This was actually used to cover up her burns on that part of her face after becoming the Crimson Witch of Flame.

Some Trivia about La Signora

La Signora is the first of a major character in Genshin Impact’s whole story. The previous ones were only sided characters. She is also the first major female character to die and one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Her death was caused by another major character, the Raiden Shogun.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, Android, iOS, PS4, and PS5.