Genshin Impact Voice Actors Claim Owed for Unpaid Work Completed (Update)

Even Paimon is complaining.

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Update: HoYoVerse has released a statement in response to the news. It seems the developer is only learning of the situation now and urges to sort the issue immediately.

“We truly regret to learn about the ongoing situation,” a HoYoVerse spokesperson told Eurogamer. “Genshin Impact values and respects the work and effort of everyone involved, and we support our voice actors to claim their proper due. We have made payments to our recording studio on time, and we have immediately urged the studio to pay our voice actors. Meanwhile, we are also seeking alternative solutions. We will keep everyone posted on further developments.”

A new report revealed that the Genshin Impact voice actors claim they are owed thousands for unpaid work that got completed months ago.

Genshin Impact Voice Actors Not Getting Paid

Multiple voice actors are claiming that they are being owed thousands of dollars for unpaid work that got completed months ago. The first reaction would be to blame HoYoVerse for this, but instead, it is another studio that is responsible for the game’s English dub, which is Formosa Group.

Voice Actors Claim Audio Studio Not Paying Them

The Gamer reports that voice actor Brandon Winckler was waiting for the audio studio to give his due of more than three months for payment, but there was no response after the fifth email he sent. He is now campaigning for the other voice actors to demand their payments for work they have done in the game. He is now gaining support from both the fan community and other actors who have the same experience. He is an established voice actor that have worked on various games and anime already and that includes Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Paimon Complains

Another voice actor, Corina Boettger who voices Paimon, has joined Winckler in his campaign against the audio studio. She claims that she is still waiting to get paid for work done way back in December 2022.