Genshin Impact Yummy Barbecue Under the Stars Web Event Introduced

Enjoy this cute mini-game starting today!

miHoYo has recently released a new web event for Genshin Impact Yummy Barbecue Under the Stars.

The new web event is somewhat the epilogue of the recent in-game event Labyrinth Warriors. All of the characters involved in the event are here, which are Shiki Taishou, Xinyan, Childe, Paimon, and the Traveler.

For context, after completing the Labyrinth Warriors event, the group is now hungry and Shiki Taishou seems to be intrigued by how they would go about it. Childe proposes to grill fish and he would catch some while the Traveler would grill various types of fish in different ways. This is a mini-game where the cooked dish will unlock rewards for the player. The better the dish, the higher the rewards for them to redeem.

genshin impact yummy barbecue under the stars

By making Shiki Taishou impressed by your grilling prowess, it will increase his friendship with you. He will reward you with prizes if it is raised at a certain amount. The rewards involve a good amount of Primogems, weapon experience crystals, and possibly more.

Players will need three types of materials in order to grill fish. First, they will need fish that can only be obtained after several hours, the Seasoning can be claimed via different means like using Original Resin, completing Daily Commissions and more, while firewood can be claimed by logging into the game daily.

Unlocking various types of grilled fish dishes will unlock in-game monetary rewards. Completing all dishes will give players 10 Crystal Cores. The rewards will be given via in-game mail.

The duration of the event is November 1 until November 7, 2021 only. The rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends so make sure to claim them right away.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android.

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