Ghost of Tsushima Japanese Translation Being Criticized Due to Mistranslations

Several Japanese fans of upcoming video game Ghost of Tsushima are worried of the Japanese translation of the main menu.

Ghost of Tsushima

Several main menu screenshots were uploaded on the internet recently to tease the fans of the upcoming video game and among them was the Japanese version of the game. The Japanese fans got worried and criticized it on Twitter where they pointed out that there were several words that were out of place.

SEGA’s Associate Localization Producer Jon Riesenbach posted on his official Twitter account to address the issue. He revealed that even though the wording was correct in a literal translation, it did not make sense in context. It seemed that the developers were spelling out the words in an overly complicated way.

The producer further commented:

Yeah… like I’m sure Sucker Punch has done their research and consulted whoever they need to consult, but everything I’ve seen of it has this Last Samurai western filter over everything that I find pretty distracting myself. I may be wrong but… I’ll just stick to Sekiro thanks.

Riesenbach hopes that this is just an isolated case and will not reflect on the full game. Hopefully Sucker Punch will be releasing a new patch to fix this for the Japanese translation.

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