God of War Ragnarök Combat and Enemies Elevated Video Released

So much improvement in this iteration!

Santa Monica Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment have recently released a new video titled God of War Ragnarök Combat and Enemies.

God of War Ragnarök Combat and Enemies Elevated Video Featured Devs

The newest footage features various developers that worked on God of War Ragnarök combat and the various new enemies that Kratos and Atreus have to fight against. These individuals discussed their responsibilities in game development like combat animation, the new creatures, new abilities, and more.

Mini Games and Enemies Unique to Realms

The gaming community has been quite vocal in their wish for more mini bosses and in this iteration, there will be more of them. There are also bigger creatures to defeat and different varieties of them. Kratos and Atreus will be traveling through all nine realms and each of them will have its own theme of enemies that are unique to that space.

Atreus All Grown Up

Atreus has grown up now and this time, Kratos is less worried about him. He can now do more combat on his own and will have unique attacks that he can pull off during battle. He has various magic attacks that could surprise Kratos in the middle of combat. He is also more aggressive and calculating this time around.

Improved Abilities and Combos

Expect new abilities and combos from Kratos’ weapons especially the Blades of Chaos. Combat has more depth now. The blade grapple has been improved too with a traversal mechanic that allows Kratos to instantly travel toward a target with his Blades of Chaos. Shields have been improved too with more combination attacks rather than just deflecting them. Parries will be a common theme here now as it offers a huge advantage in combat.

Combo Finishers

As reported here in Sirus Gaming before, there will be new combo finishers for each weapon. This gives combat more depth for players as it shows them various ways to kill their enemies with different weapons.

Pre-Fall Attacks Improved

Kratos’ pre-fall attacks have been improved too. Jump over a ledge and then slam enemies below with his fists, axe, or blades. Depends on his weapon of choice at the moment.

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God of War Ragnarök launches on November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.