Goldeneye 007 Switch Update Brings Changes but Issues Remain

It might have made some big changes to textures but multiple problems still remain.

A new report has revealed that updates of Nintendo Switch Online version of Goldeneye 007 have quietly made changes to the game.

Dataminers have recently noticed the changes in the Nintendo Switch Online version of Goldeneye 007 and quickly let the fans know. After the announcement of the Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Stadium 2 have been added to the Nintendo Switch Online library, an update was also rolled out to the N64 app. This made the dataminers check out the changes and they clearly saw some big changes.

Dataminer LuigiBlood did note that the changes were also made during an earlier update to the N64 emulator.

Dataminer Graslu00 dug deeper though and checked out the most recent changes. They confirmed that some of the textures got fixed and it was posted on their Twitter account. They did share a list of other visual and technical issues that either have not been completely fixed or have not been addressed at all. In the caverns, the locked framerate is still running at 15fps. There are still issues with smoke and lighting plus other issues.

The dataminer also stated that the audio quality got decreased.