Gotham Knights Batgirl Trailer Released

Somebody has to carry the Bat symbol.

WB Games has recently released the newest Gotham Knights Batgirl trailer today.

Gotham Knights Batgirl Trailer

Today, at the San Diego Comic Con, the developers released the newest trailer for one of the members of the Gotham Knights and this time it is Batgirl. Among the four, she is now the only one representing the “Bat” symbol since Batman aka Bruce Wayne is dead. Here is the description of her trailer:

Batgirl is the hero Gotham needs.

Gotham City still has a Bat, and she’s going to make sure everyone knows it. Protecting people runs in her veins and will always be a part of who she is, no matter her identity. The people of Gotham need a symbol to believe in, and there’s no one better than Batgirl to be that symbol.

Batgirl Gameplay and Gear

The trailer is almost two minutes long and showcases Batgirl’s gameplay, her movesets, and various costumes she gets to wear. She also uses her gadgets that can pack a punch against hardened criminals that she encounters on the streets of Gotham. One of her gadgets is a tonfa that can change into other forms depending on the situation. She also uses a lot of batarangs to overwhelm a mob of criminals.

When Batgirl traverses in the sky, she uses her cape glider, just like Batman. She is quite agile as well in a fight.

gotham knights batgirl trailer

Gotham Knights will launch on October 25, 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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