Granblue Fantasy: Versus Final Season 2 Character Seox Now Available

Seox has entered the scene with super speeds.

Game company XSEED Games has recently announced the final Granblue Fantasy: Versus Characters Pass 2 fighter is now available.

Seox is finally available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. He is part of the Character Pass 2 DLC bundle and can be purchased for only $34.99 or individually for $6.99. This includes:

  • Playable character “Seox”
  • 1 Lobby Avatar
  • 1 Star Character Icon
  • 2 additional RPG Mode Quests

Players on PS4 system will also receive:

  • GBVS SSR Character Weapon Draw Ticket
  • Seox’s Sticker

Seox is the sixth of the Eternals and master of the claw. He strikes down his enemies with super-fast speeds. He uses a mask physically and emotionally to hide his true feelings. He would venture to the ends of the skies so that he can one day reunited with the person he holds dear.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is now available on PC via Steam and PS4 for only $59.99.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the trailer:

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