Grand Theft Auto V Rumored To Be Free To Download On Epic Games Store Soon (UPDATE)

Grand Theft Auto V

Game publication Game Pressure recently got new information of the upcoming free game for Epic Games Store and it is revealed to be Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V going to be free

According to Game Pressure’s reliable source, it was revealed that the next free game that Epic Games Store will feature is GTA V. This will be revealed tomorrow and will be available until May 21. The best part is that this free edition will be released as a Premium Edition, which means some additional content that is not available on the standard one. Getting this on the Epic Games Store will be owned by the players forever without any extra charge.

GTA V is a very popular game on several platforms like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Now it is coming to Epic Games Store, if this rumor is true. For now take this new information with a grain of salt. The platform in question has not officially confirmed any of this so we will wait for tomorrow’s big reveal.

Update: The game is now available and yes, it is very real. The problem now is that the Epic Games Store has crashed and members cannot log in.

Source: Game Pressure

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